49th Virginia Infantry Regiment



(Later Company A, 38th Battalion, Virginia Light Artillery)

The following regimental and company records and accounts from actual participants in Company B are direct from the following publication:  "History of the Forty-Ninth Virginia Infantry C.S.A ", "Extra Billy Smith's Boys" 1861-1865; Laura Virginia Hale and Stanley S. Phillips  1981


FAUQUIER ARTILLERY:  Unless otherwise noted, all men enlisted at Markham, Virginia July 1, 1861, "for one year"; detached fro 49th Regiment in September, 1861/  became Captain Robert M. Stribling's Company, Virginia Light Artillery; was subsequently assigned as Company A. 38th Battalion of Virginia Light Artillery.  Known as "Fauquier Artillery". 

Commissioned Officers:

Captain Robert M. Stribling.

First Lieutenant James H. Kidwell.

Second Lieutenant William C. Marshall.  Promoted to Captain when Stribling became Major of Artillery.  Paroled at Winchester, Virginia April 26, 1865.

Second Lieutenant William N. Green.



Non-Commissioned Officers:


First Sergeant Gray Carroll.

Sergeant T. Marshall Archer

Sergeant J. Megeath. 

Sergeant Daniel M. Mason. 

Corporal J.G. Freeman.

Corporal Abner Iden.

Corporal J.T. Sealock. 

Corporal William E. Paine. 





Ash, Joseph A.D.  Enlisted Markham, Virginia July 15, 1861.

ASh, James W.

Ash, R. Harrison.  Enlisted Markham, Virginia July 15, 1861.

Aylor, Frank.

Ball, George.

Ball, John T.

Barbee, William.

Blackwell, J.B.  Enlisted Markham, Virginia July 15, 1861.

Bussey, James.

Cable, J.F.

Campbell, James.

Canard, James.

Canard, John.

Carter, James.

Carter, John.

Conner, Joseph.

Corder, Alexander.

Cornwell, Joseph.

Creel, Peyton H.

Dennis, Lorenzo.

Dyke, Nathan.

Evans, George.

Ford, James.

Garland, G.R.

Gladson, Daniel.

Glascock, James F.

Glascock, Leroy B.

Gordon, Alexander.

Gordon, James f.

Groves, Albert.

Groves, James.

Harrington, Mitchell.

Hoffman, Francis.

Jett, Peter.

Johnson, Smith.

Kane, Ambrose.

Kearnes, John.

Kemper, John.

Kemper, Joshua.

Kendal, George.

Kendal, Joseph.

Kerrick, B.F.

Kerrick, F.M

Mahoney, James.

Marshall, M.P.

Maratin, E.B.

McBee, Benjamin.

McDonald, Fielding.

Moore, John.

Moore, J.W.

Payne. Arthur,

Payne, Bernard.

Payne, Thomas.

Payne, William H.

Pearson, James.

Pearson, James W.

Pearson, R.E.

Philips, John.

Prichard, George W.

Prichard, Henry J.

Prichard, T.K.

Rawles, Thomas.

Rector, Albin.

Rector, Charles H.

Rector, Marion.

Redmon, Tilghman.

Riley, William.

Riley, William H.

Robinson, John.

Russell, Thomas g.

Silman, Charles T.

Strother, Abner Pl

Suddithe, martin.

Suddith, William

Theyer, John R.

Thomas, Presley.

Thorpe, Francis.

Turner, Henry.

Weaver, John.

Weaver, Mason.

Weaver, W.S.

Weeks, Joseph.

White, Daniel H.

Wines, Dawson.






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