49th Virginia Infantry Regiment



(Formerly Company D)

The following regimental and company records and accounts from actual participants in Company B are direct from the following publication:  "History of the Forty-Ninth Virginia Infantry C.S.A ", "Extra Billy Smith's Boys" 1861-1865; Laura Virginia Hale and Stanley S. Phillips  1981


SPERRYVILLE SHARPSHOOTERS:   Muster records state this Company went into barracks at Sperryville in Rappahannock County, Virginia June 18, 1861; was ordered to Culpeper Court House, Virginia - a distance of 20 miles - on July 11; was mustered July 18 as Captain Gibson's Company, 7th Regiment Virginia Infantry; arrived at Manassas by railroad at 10:00 A.M. July 21st; fell in with the 7th Virginia infantry under Colonel J. Kemper, marched 7 miles and engaged in the Battle of Manassas; remained near bull Run until July 28th, marched 5 miles to Centreville and remained there with the 7th Virginia until August 7th, when the Company marched 7 miles to Manassas and was assigned permanently to the 49th Virginia Infantry Regiment.  Unless otherwise noted all men enlisted June 18, 1861 at Sperryville.  The Richmond Sentinel of June 3, 1864, published a casualty list of the 49th Virginia Regiment in the wilderness and Spotsylvania battles which indicates the Companies E and K were consolidated at that time. 


Commissioned Officers:

Captain Jonathan Catlett Gibson. 

Captain Presley C. Eastham.  Enlisted as Orderly Sergeant Kanawha Artillery June 4, 1861; appointed 1st Lieutenant April 30, 1862; resigned July 15, 1862 because Company had on only 3 to 4 men present for duty, rest of Company was sick, wounded or Killed.  Was elected Captain January, 1865. 

Captain Eustace Gibson.

Captain Richard M. Spicer.  Promoted to Orderly Sergeant April 3, 1862; 2nd Lieutenant April 30, 1862; Captain July 1862.  Paroled at Appomattox.

First Lieutenant Edwin Gibson.

First Lieutenant Achilles Murat Willis.  Resigned April 30, 1862 to become Captain in Cavalry Company.

First Lieutenant H.A. Wood.  Promoted to Sergeant.

Second Lieutenant Frederick H. Bruce.  Resigned October 1861, Re-elected January 1865.

Third Lieutenant Robert N. Bruce.  Commissioned June 10, 1861, Sperryville, Virginia.  Dropped from roll April 30, 1862.


Non-Commissioned Officers:


First Sergeant James E. Burke.  Elected Second Sergeant November 1, 1861; First Sergeant April 30, 1862.  Reduced to ranks August 1, 1864.  Wounded at Gettysburg.  Captured in assault on Fort Stedman.  Paroled from Point Lookout June 23, 1865.

Sergeant Nichodemus C. Freeman.  Medical discharge October 31, 1862.

Ordnance Sergeant Mark Fristoe.

Third Sergeant John H. Newlin.  Elected 3rd Sergeant April 4, 1862.  Slightly wounded at 1st Manassas; wounded and captured at Cedar Creek; died October 28, 1864 at U.S. Depot Field Hospital, Winchester, Virginia.

Ordnance Sergeant John S. Gibson.

Fourth Sergeant Henry Atkins.  Re-enlisted as Fourth Sergeant at Yorktown, Virginia April 30, 1862.  Captured at Woodstock, Virginia October 9, 1864.  Paroled fro Point Lookout May 13, 1865.

Sergeant William C. Smith.  Enlisted October 13, 1864.  Paroled May 20, 1865.

Sergeant A.E. Starke.  Lost leg at Cedar Creek, 1864.

Third Corporal John W. Brown.  Promoted to Fourth Corporal October 13, 1864.  Paroled at Appomattox.





Atkins, John.  medical discharge November 18, 1862 at Cedarville, Virginia.

Atkins, Polk.

Atkins, William.  Wounded at Sharpsburg.

Berry, James.

Brown, James M.  Deserted June 9, 1863.

Brown, Mallory.

Brown Mordecai O.  On detached service as Railroad Police November 14, 1861.  Captured at Sperryville, Virginia July 14, 1862.  Sent to Fort Monroe and exchanged August 5, 1862.

Brown, V.  Killed in Wilderness Campaign.  Listed as Sergeant in Richmond Sentinel casualty list.

Broyles, William Y.  Wounded at Gettysburg.

Bryant, H.H.  Deserted March 16, 1865.  took Oath of Allegiance to U.S.

Bumgainer, A.  Deserted to Army of the Potomac march 14, 1865.

Burke, Reuben.  Deserted June 7, 1862.

Burke, Robert.

Butler, Richard.  Medical discharge October 12, 1861.

Callahan, William O.

Carey, George W.

Crigler, Nathaniel P.  Enlisted June 18, 1861.  Medical discharge September 1862.

Dodson, Andrew.

Dodson, Edward.  Medical discharge June 18, 1862.

Dodson, James.

Dodson, Reuben.

Dodson, Stephen.  Enlisted July 18, 1861 at Culpeper Court House, Virginia.  died in hospital at Culpeper August 18, 1861 from measles.

Dodson, William H.

Dwyer, James.  Deserted May 4, 1864.  Court Martial September 1864.

Estes, James.

Fincham, Benjamin F.  Enlisted June 1, 1861.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Died from wounds June 4, 1862 at Camp Winder Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

Fincham, James M.  Died from disease April 26, 1862 at Richmond, Virginia.

Fincham, Lemuel.

Ford, Daniel.  Sent to Moore Hospital, Danville, Virginia January 28, 1862.  Died of disease near Chickahominy River, Virginia June 12, 1862.

Fraisier, Charles.  Enlisted April 1, 1864 at Somerville Ford, Virginia.  Wounded May 14, 1864 at Spotsylvania.  Arrested at Winchester, Virginia July 21, 1864 and taken to Military Prison at Wheeling. (Known also as Antheneum Prison).  Released on taking Amnesty Oath August 27, 1864.

Frazier, Alfred.  Enlisted July 18, 1861 at Culpeper, Virginia.  Died at Camp Pickens, Manassas, Virginia August 12, 1861 from measles.  Born in Rappahannock County, Virginia.

Frazier, Andrew.  Enlisted April 30, 1862 at Yorktown, Virginia.  Captured at Winchester, Virginia September 19, 1864.  Exchanged from Point Lookout November 1, 1864.

Frazier, Frederick.  Captured at Burksville, Virginia April 6, 1865.  Released from Point Lookout June 12, 1865.

Frazier, James.  Appears on clothing receipt roll April 28, 1864.  Wounded in Wilderness.

Frazier, James A.  Detached as Wagoner February 28, 1862.  Wounded in Battle of Wilderness.  Still absent as of Muster Roll October, 1864.

Gaines, Reuben J.  Deserted March 7, 1863.

Grimsley, William.  Enlisted July 18, 1861.  Killed at First Manassas.

Harwood, T.

Jenkins, Andrew.  Deserted March 16, 1862.

Jenkins, George W.  Deserted February 16, 1862.

Jenkins, Gilderoy.  Died near Wilderness, Virginia (date unknown).

Jenkins, Joel.  Deserted March 30, 1862.

Jenkins, John S.  Killed in action at Seven Pines.

Jenkins, Newman.  Wounded at First Manassas.  Killed in Battle of Seven Pines.

Jenkins, Sanford.

Jenkins, William.

Keaver, John.

Kelly, H.G.  Died November 1864.  Buried in Confederate Hill, Loudoun Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.

Lawhorne, T.  Buried November 21, 1862 in Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Virginia.

Leake, Edward.  Age 20.  Wounded and captured May 30, 1864 near Cold Harbor, Virginia.  Exchanged February 13, 1865 from Elmira, New York.  Recaptured at Richmond, Virginia hospital April 3, 1865.

Leake, Henry.  Joined as recruit March 1, 1864.  Deserted May 12, 1864.

Leak, William.  Missing in action in Wilderness Campaign.

Maloney, Thomas.  Deserted July 26, 1863.

McIntyre, Thomas.  Transferred November 19, 1861 to 1st Kentucky Regiment.

McIntyre, William.

Menefee, B.F.  Enlisted August 1, 1864.  Wounded at Winchester, Virginia.  Captured at Harris Farm April 6, 1865.  Released June 29, 1865 as per General Order 109.

Menefee, Henry.

Pinkard, Alfred A.  Died from wounds July 25, 1862.

Prophet, J.N.  Died June 13, 1862.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Quesenberry, George.

Ryan, Thomas.  Appears on Company Muster Roll December 1863.

Seale, Strother.  Enlisted July 18, 1861.  Appears on Regimental Returns February 1862 as "sick".

Sheff, George W.  Enlisted July 18, 1861.  Deserted -- Committed to Old Capitol Prison in Washington, D.C. January 7, 1863 as prisoner of war.

Sisk, John.  Enlisted September 1, 1861,.  Medical discharge January 12, 1862.

Sisk, Lemuel.

Sisk, Perry.  Enlisted July 1861.  Appears on Company Muster Roll June 7, 1862 as "absent".

Sisk, Strother.

Sisk, Walker.  Enlisted July, 1861.  Present on company Muster Roll April 30, 1862.

Sisk, William.

Stephens, George S.  Appears as "sick at home" on Regimental Returns January 1862.

Suddith, Benjamin F.  Appears on Company Muster Roll October 31, 1864.

Taylor, John.

Weakley, Joseph Thomas.  Captured in Amelia County, Virginia April 6, 1865.  Released June 23, 1865.

Williamson,  Montgomery.  Born in New Orleans, Louisiana 1843.  Died June 10, 1899.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Wood, Henry Allen.

Woodard, Gabriel.  Enlisted July 1861.  Wounded near Hatcher's Run February 7, 1865.  Appears on Register at charity Hospital, Gordonsville, Virginia March 21, 1865.

Woodard, James G.

Woodard, James W.  appears on Company rolls as "present" April 30, 1862.

Woodard, Strother.  Killed in action at Bethesda Church.

Woodard, Wesley.  Medical discharge July 18, 1862.

Woodard, William S.  Wounded in action June 25, 1862.  Killed in Wilderness.

Yowell, J.R.

Yowell, Rowland C.  Enlisted April 30, 1862.  Wounded at Seven Pines.





Lieutenant Funkhouser notes at end of the Company K roll in his memoirs that the above was furnished to him without a list of its casualties, but he know "they were very heavy".


Addenda to Roster.


Members of the 49th Virginia Regiment appearing on  a "Roster of Confederate Soldier of Culpeper County", in a booklet entitled Confederate History of Culpeper County by Mrs. Berkeley G. Calfee.


James Elias Burke.  Enlisted 1861, Company K, 49th Virginia Infantry Regiment.

Festus Hitt.   Enlisted 1861; Company G, 49th Virginia Infantry Regiment.

William O'Callahan.  Enlisted 1861, Company K, 49th Virginia Infantry Regiment.

A.A. Pinkard.  Enlisted 1862, 49th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Pegram's Brigade.

Randolph R. Stallard.  Enlisted 1861, Captain Vanderslice, Company G, 49th Virginia Infantry


A.E. Starke.  Enlisted 1861; Company I, 49th Virginia Infantry Regiment.



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