49th Virginia Infantry Regiment



(Formerly Company E)

The following regimental and company records and accounts from actual participants in Company B are direct from the following publication:  "History of the Forty-Ninth Virginia Infantry C.S.A ", "Extra Billy Smith's Boys" 1861-1865; Laura Virginia Hale and Stanley S. Phillips  1981


WARREN BLUES:  Organized at Front Royal in Warren County, Virginia June 17, 1861; mustered into Confederate States Army at Manassas July, 1861; reorganized April 30, 1862 at Yorktown, Virginia.  Except those noted otherwise, all members enlisted June 17, 1861 at Front Royal.  The main source of names is a booklet entitles "Roster of Warren County Confederate Soldiers" published in 1907; and R.D. Funkhouser list of soldiers in Company D compiled by him in order shown below. 

First Four Commissioned Officers:

Captain Mandly Taylor Wheatley.  Promoted to Major in October, 1861.  Died of typhoid fever December 1, 1861.

First Lieutenant Bailey Shumate Jacobs.  Promoted to Captain December 16, 1861.  Mortally wounded at Gettysburg. 

Second Lieutenant John Bird Updike.  Promoted to First Lieutenant December 16, 1861' and to Captain July 10, 1863.  Was on Provost Marshall duty January - June, 1862.  Returns for February 1862 shows him detailed as policeman at Manassas.  Severely wounded at Spotsylvania and retired. 

Third Lieutenant Robert Daniel Funkhouser.  Promoted to Second Lieutenant December 16, 1861, and to First Lieutenant July 16, 1863.  Acting Captain of company d May 12, 1864.  Promoted to Captain March 25, 1865.  Wounded at Winchester.  Captured at Fort Stedman.  Paroled at Fort Delaware June 17, 1865. 


Non-Commissioned Officers:


Orderly Sergeant Emory V. Boyd.  Promoted to Second Lieutenant.  Mortally wounded at Seven Pines.  Died July 6, 1862.  buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.

Color Sergeant John G. Brown.  Promoted to Second Lieutenant December 19, 1862.  wounded and captured at cold Harbor June 3, 1864.  One of the "Immortal 600" Confederate officers sent to Morris Island.




Allen, Arch.  Enlisted September 17, 1862 in Maryland.

Allen, John.  Enlisted for the War September 6, 1862 in Maryland.

Atwood, Luther G.  Severely wounded at Seven Pines and died in Richmond hospital June 12, 1862.

Atwood, Samuel C.  Sick in camp July to December 1861.  Died at Camp Winder Hospital in Richmond, Virginia June 6, 1862.

Baker, Lewis D.  Made Sergeant December 18, 1862; re-enlisted April 30, 1862 as First Corporal.  Deserted July 21, 1864, and dropped from Company Roll October 21, 1864.

Barbee, James W.  Name is on Court House monument at Front Royal.

Barbee, Joseph T.  Died in Camp Winder hospital, Richmond June 20, 1862 from chronic diarrhea.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Barber, John S.  Wounded at 1st Manassas and Seven Pines.

Beaty, William A.  Enlisted March 8, 1863 at Hamilton's Crossing in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Appears on Company Roll November  - December, 1863 and transferred to Second Corps.

Bennett, Henry.  Sharpshooter.  Captured in assault on Fort Stedman.  Paroled from Point Lookout, Maryland June 10, 1865.

Bennett, John.  Died of typhoid fever in Moore Hospital at Manassas Junction, Virginia January 9, 1862.

Blackwood, Robert B.  Hospital nurse.  Died of typhoid fever at Hospital Number 1 in Richmond, Virginia May 29, 1863.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Bolen, Frank H. 

Bolen, Newton L.

Brown, Benjamin W.

Brown, Henry J.  Wounded at Seven Pines and at Second Fredericksburg.  Dropped from Company Roll October 31, 1864.

Burner, James.  Wounded at Seven Pines.

Caffee, Robert.  Buried in the Confederate section of Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia Cemetery.

Cain, J.

Carter, William.  Killed at 1st Manassas.

Cave, Elijah N.

Claigg, James C.  Received Certificate of Disability January 17, 1862 (bad heart and anasarca).  Discharged February 4, 1862.

Claigg, John T.

Claigg, Parkison.  Enlisted in Nineveh  November 10, 1862

Colter, William Mason.

Compton, James Booton.

Compton, William Aylette.

Cook, Gibson.

Cook, James.  Records show him in Winchester, Virginia hospital "for frost bite" January 1, 1865.  Lost both feet from freezing.

Corder, Simeon.

Cornwell, Alpheus.

Cornwell, Inman Horner.

Darnell, Jamerson.  Enlisted September 24, 1862 near Martinsburg  Wounded at Second Fredericksburg.

Darr, Scott.  Conscript November 10, 1862 in Warren County, Virginia.  Was wounded at Second Fredericksburg.  Muster of April 30, 1863 shows him "absent since January 1st."

Day, Samuel M. Captured at First Fredericksburg.  Died at Jarvis Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland March 20, 1865.

Davis, Alman.

Eastham, John J.

Eshelman, Samuel Peter.

Finham, B.  Died June 18, 1862.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Fish, James W.  Died in Richmond Hospital June 12, 1862.

Fletcher, Addison.  Court Martialed and sent to Castle Thunder January 6, 1864 for four months.  Paroled at Winchester, Virginia April 26, 1865.

Foaley, Noah.  Deserter.  Dropped from Muster Roll.

Foster, John R.  Wounded at Seven Pines and at First Fredericksburg.  Paroled at Winchester, May 1, 1865.

Fox, Anthony.

Fox, George W.

Fox, John Edward.

Fox, Thomas L.

Fristoe, Thomas M.

Funk, Jesse T.

Garmong, Theophelus.

Garrett, Newman M.

Gibson, C.  Enlisted November 4, 1862 as a conscript.

Gordon, Arnold R. (or Oliver?).  Wounded at Seven Pines and died July 6 from the wound.

Gore, Dewitt, C.

Green, Bushrod R.  AWOL from March 10, 1862.  Deserted to Yankees.

Grove, William.  Killed at 1st Manassas.

Hall, George S.  Wounded at Spotsylvania.  Missing in action September 19, 1864.  Funkhouser says killed at Fisher's Hill September 22, 1864.

Hall, John N.  Promoted to Corporal.  Died February 11, 1862 at Manassas, Virginia of "congestion of the brain".

Henry, George W.  Wounded at 2nd Fredericksburg.  Killed at Fisher's Hill.

Henry, Gibson E.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Killed at 1st Fredericksburg.  Buried in Confederate Section of Spotsylvania Court House Cemetery. 

Henry, John J.

Henry, John W.  Wounded at Winchester.  Killed in service.

Henry, Marcus W.  Wounded at 1st Manassas and in the Wilderness campaign.  Paroled at Winchester, Virginia  April 25, 1865.

Henry, Moses.  Enlisted November 1, 1862 Warren County, Virginia.  Wounded.

Hoffman, George W.  Killed at 1st Manassas.  Claim was filed for surviving wife and child.

Hoffman, John W.  Believed to have been killed in the War.

Holder, Richard.  Wounded at  1st Manassas.  Deserted to enemy September 1862.

Holder, William.  Enlisted ? Wounded and missing.

Hoskins, Daniel Henry.

Hough, Alpheus.  Believed to have been killed in Wilderness Campaign.

Jett, Luther.  One record says wounded in Wilderness Campaign.

Johnson, John I.

Jones, William W.  Enlisted fro the War march 8, 1863 at Hamilton's Crossing in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Transferred December 1863.

Leach, William.  Promoted to 5th Sergeant in 1863.  Killed in Wilderness campaign.  Claim for his death filed July 30, 1864.

LeHew, Jonathan Branson.

Lewis, George M.  Enlisted ? Wounded in left leg at Hatcher's Run February 6, 1865 and admitted to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.  Paroled at Winchester, Virginia April 26, 1865.

Lewis, J.W.  Wounded in foot and thigh at Hatcher's Run.

Lewis, William O.  Enlisted ? One record says wounded and captured at Hatcher's Run.  He died at Capon Bridge, West Virginia in 1908.

Lovelace, William.  Name is on Front Royal Court House monument.

Loveless, F.H.  Enlisted June 15, 1863 at Winchester, Virginia.  Deserted November 1, 1863.

Loveless, Richard H.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Wounded and captured at Antietam.

Manks, Horace G.

Martin, George W.

Martin William S.  Promoted to Corporal.  Deserted to U.S. January 25, 1864.

Mathews, James Mortimer.

Mathews, Robert Israel.

Mauck, William F.  Wounded at 1st Manassas.  wounded and disabled at Gettysburg.

McFarland, Robert N.  Wounded at Spotsylvania and admitted to hospital May 17, 1864; transferred to Staunton General Hospital May 26, 1864.

McFarland, William A.

Mills, Alexander.

Mills, Charles E.

Mills, Henry Harrison.

Mills, James W.

Mills, Marcus William.

Pomeroy, Thomas Montgomery.  Killed and buried at Spotsylvania.

Ridenour, Addison.  Deserted January 7, 1862.  Muster roll of October 1861 shows him "absent from Company since enrollment by desertion June 17, 1861."

Ridenour, John W.

Ridgeway, William H.  Killed at Spotsylvania.

Rinker, John William.

Rinker, W.H.  Died April 24, 1865.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Robinson, Daniel F.

Rudacillar, George W.

Rudacillar, Isaac.

Rudacillar, John w.

Rudacillar, Philip.

Santmyers, Isaac F.

Santmyers, John b.

Sealock, Craven.  Died of typhoid fever in Front Royal Hospital September 15, 1861.

Sealock, James.  Captured.

Sealock, Lewis.

Snapp, Morgan.

Stokes, James William.

Stokes, John W.  Killed at Sharpsburg.  Buried in N.E. corner of Mrs. Lucker's farm.

Stokes, Richard B.

Sumption, John T.

Vaught, George H

Vincent, Richard.  Died of typhoid fever at Cam Pickins, Manassas, Virginia December 16, 1861.

W.D.D.  died November 9, 1862.  Buried in Stonewall Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia.

Walker, James H.

Walter, James William.

Walter, John W.  Orderly Sergeant.  Enlisted ? Wounded in Wilderness May 6, 1864 and at Winchester September 19, 1864.

Wharton, Walton G.

Williams, David R.  Enlisted at Nineveh, Virginia November 18, 1862.

Williams, George.  Died of disease at Camp Winder Hospital, Richmond, Virginia May 15, 1862.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.

Wright, George.  Enlisted ? Captured and paroled at Burkesville, Virginia April 14, 1865.




Charlottesville Recruits:


On October 13, 1864, the following new recruits from Albemarle County, Virginia enlisted at Charlottesville, Virginia; joined Company D, 49th Regiment of Virginia Volunteers then at Harrisonburg, Virginia October 25, 1864; and according to Lieutenant Funkhouser, proved to be "Brave and Dutiful Men, who fought February 6, 1865 at Hatcher's Run and March 25, 1865 at Fort Stedman in front of Petersburg, Virginia."


Abell, Caleb.  Funkhouser says captured on retreat to Appomattox.

Antrim, C.W.  Admitted to General Hospital, Charlottesville, December 14, 1864 t March 30, 1865.

Bailey, John.  Captured.

Brown, John Mannis.  Promoted to 2nd Sergeant.  Surrendered at Appomattox.

Burnley, Horace B.  Promoted to 2nd Corporal.  Captured at Fort Stedman.  Paroled from Point Lookout  May 28,1865.

Carr, James B.  Funkhouser says captured on retreat to Appomattox.

Carter, James (H. or D.).

Catterton, Elijah K.  Wounded at Hatcher's Run.  Paroled May 17, 1865 at Charlottesville, Virginia.

Catterton, George Newton.  Promoted to Fifth Sergeant.  Wounded and captured at Fort Stedman.  Released from Lincoln U.S.A. General Hospital in Washington, D.C. June 14, 1865.

Chapman, N.J.  On duty at Confederate States Hospital, Petersburg, Virginia December 16, 1864.

Clark, George M.  Captured at Richmond April 3, 1865.  Released on Oath from Newport News, Virginia Stockade July 1, 1865.

Coleman, James T.  Killed at Hatcher's Ron.

Coles, Thomas S.  Detailed to Department A.N.V. per Special Order No. 25 January 27, 1865.  (Some records say he was ill and died in a Petersburg, Virginia Hospital).

Crenshaw, John G.  Captured near Burksville, Virginia April 6, 1865 (Saylors Creek).  Released from Point Lookout, Maryland June 3, 1865.

Davis, AlmonW.

Early, Jerry A.

Elliott, M.D.  Captured at Fort Stedman.  Paroled from Point Lookout May 28, 1865.

Fry, John N.  Captured in assault on Fort Stedman.  Paroled from Point Lookout May 28, 1865.

Harris, Henry F.  Captured at Fort Stedman.  Paroled from Point Lookout May 28, 1865.

Harris, James O.  Promoted t 1st Sergeant.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Hill, Joe H.  Some records say captured.

Hitchen, A.  Paroled at Winchester, Virginia April 26, 1865.

Hurt, Morris.  Captured on retreat to Appomattox.

Jarman, James H.

Jarman, John L.  Discharged from C.S.A. General Hospital at Charlottesville, Virginia April 17, 1865.

Kirby, John S.  Lost finger of right hand at Hatcher's Run.

Kirby, Edward.  Captured.

Luck, Richard.  Admitted to hospital December 18, 1864.  Transferred to Receiving Hospital in Lynchburg, Virginia April 5, 1865.

Maddox, James.  Captured.

Maupin, Gabriel W.  Captured.

Mayo ( or Mays), Julius R.  wounded at Hatcher's Run.  Captured at Richmond hospital April 3, 1865.  Sent to Point Lookout May 6, 1865.  Released July 8, 1865.

Mayo (or Mays), William P.  Captured.

Michie, Lucien A.  Captured in assault on Fort Stedman.  Paroled from Point Lookout May 28, 1865.

Moore, Shepherd S.  Admitted to hospital at Charlottesville January 28, 1865.  Returned to duty February 20, 1865.

Mundy, Castello H.  Captured.

Owens, Creed W.  Captured.

Powell, William H.  Captured in assault on Fort Stedman.  Paroled from Point Lookout June 16, 1865.

Shackelford, John.

Shelton, Austin G.  Paroled at Charlottesville, Virginia May 16, 1865.

Shiflett, George M.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Snead, John L.

Snead, N.S.

Tillman, Overton G.  Admitted to General Hospital December 9, 1864.  Returned to duty January 3, 1865.

Updike, Abraham.  commissioned Second Lieutenant October, 1864.

Walton, J. Rice.  Wounded at Hatcher's Run and admitted February 10 to Chimborazo Hospital No. 5 in Richmond, Virginia for a " left heel flesh" wound.

Ward, Samuel.  Wounded at Hatcher's Run.

Wood, Ira G.  Wounded at Hatcher's Run and admitted to hospital February 9th for "gun shot wound" in right hand.  given 60-day furlough March 15, 1865.  A Farmer.  Age 37.

Wood, John H.  Wounded at Hatcher's Run.  Detailed to Quartermaster Department February 18, 1865.



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