49th Virginia Infantry Regiment



(Formerly Company H)

The following regimental and company records and accounts from actual participants in Company B are direct from the following publication:  "History of the Forty-Ninth Virginia Infantry C.S.A ", "Extra Billy Smith's Boys" 1861-1865; Laura Virginia Hale and Stanley S. Phillips  1981


FAUQUIER GUARDS:  All enlisted for one year May 28, 1861 at Warrenton, Virginia unless otherwise noted.  Reorganized April 30, 1862.  Names appear on a roster compiled in 1903 by W.B. Tompkins, former Sergeant Major of the 49th Virginia Infantry Regiment, "partially from an old muster roll dated October, 1863 and from recollections."  Copied by R.D. Funkhouser.

Commissioned Officers:

Captain Edward Murray.

Captain Buckner MaGill Randolph.  Born 1842.  Promoted to Captain July 31, 1861.  Wounded at Seven Pines and Cedar Creek.  Attended Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Virginia.  Entered the Ministry after the War.  Died August 11, 1903.

First Lieutenant William James Kincheloe.  Promoted to Second Lieutenant and Adjutant of the 49th Virginian Infantry Regiment January 1, 1862.  Killed at Smithfield, Virginia, (now West Virginia) August 29, 1864.

Commissioned July 1, 1861, Prince William County.  Resigned October 6, 1862. (Davis)

First Lieutenant Henry Clay Ward.  Killed at 1st Manassas.

First Lieutenant Goodrich Mitchell.   Promoted to First Lieutenant July 31, 1861.  Killed at Gettysburg.  A young doctor.

Second Lieutenant David Smith.  Enlisted as Sergeant.  Promoted to Second Lieutenant October 25, 1863.  Appears on register at Richmond Hospital September 22, 1863. 

Second Lieutenant Harrison b. Briggs.  Enlisted as Third Lieutenant.  Promoted to Second Lieutenant August 1, 1861.  AWOL September 15, 1862 at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  Wounded December 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg.  Appears on Roster January 5, 1865. 


Non-Commissioned Officers:


Sergeant Major Frederick Waugh Smith.

Sergeant Major William B. Tompkins.

Commissary Sergeant Benjamin Franklin Smith.. Was wounded in the Wilderness-Spotsylvania campaign.  Born 1836.

First Sergeant William B. Tompson.  Appears on clothing rolls April 26, 1864.  Killed in Wilderness Campaign.

First Sergeant William A. Tompson.  Appears on clothing rolls April 26, 1864.  Killed in Wilderness Campaign.

First Sergeant Julius A. Pilcher.  Promoted to Fourth Sergeant November, 1863.  First Sergeant April 1864.  Wounded in Battles of Sharpsburg, Gettysburg Wilderness and Cedar Creek.

Sergeant James French Gray.  Died December 24, 1862 from wounds received at Fredericksburg.

Sergeant George Washington Grayson.  wounded at Seven Pines.  Paroled at Appomattox.  Merchant at New Baltimore, Virginia.  Still alive in 1915.

Sergeant Philip Mitchell.  Killed at 1st Manassas.

Sergeant James Sudduth.  Paroled at Fairfax Court House, Virginia May 8, 1865.

Sergeant Walter T. Warder.   Wounded at 2nd Manassas and Gettysburg. 

Corporal Thomas E. Edmunds.  Made Corporal July 31, 1861.  Killed at Seven Pines.

Third Corporal Amos M. Embrey.  Killed at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia 1864, and buried in Confederate section of Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia Cemetery.

Corporal Jeremiah Hefflin.  Wounded at Gettysburg.  Wounded and lost arm July 12, 1864.

Second Corporal Robert F. Johnson.  Wounded at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia May 11, 1864.  Captured in assault on Fort Stedman.  Released from prison June 28, 1865.

Corporal Richard H. Read.  Made Corporal April, 1862.  Killed at Seven Pines.

Corporal Roy H. Payne.  Age 21.  Enlisted July 24, 1861.  Wounded and captured at Seven Pines.  Exchanged August 5, 1862.  Wounded in Wilderness Campaign.  Furloughed from Richmond Hospital

Corporal George Smith.  Wounded at Gettysburg.  Appears on clothing roll May 1, 1864.  Killed in 1864 and buried in Confederate section of Spotsylvania Court House Cemetery, Virginia.

Corporal Richard S. Vowles.  Appointed Corporal July 31, 1861.  ON detached service February., 1862.





Allison, Arrington.  Detached to guard baggage March to June, 1862,  No further records.

Ball, Fauntleroy.  Captured near Farmville, Virginia April 6, 1865.  Released from Point Lookout, Maryland June 5, 1865.

Bayles, Charles H.  Wounded at Sharpsburg.  Died October 18, 1862 at C.S. Hospital, Culpeper, Virginia.  Buried in Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Virginia.

Beckham, James M.  Enlisted June 17, 1861, Warrenton, Virginia.  Wounded at 1st Manassas.  Detailed to Quartermaster Department in Richmond, Virginia.

Bickles, B.F.  Captured Drainsville, Virginia January 27, 1864.  Released on Oath fro Old Capitol Prison, Washington, D.C. April 18, 1864.

Bicksler, Henry.  Enlisted Warrenton, Virginia June 27, 1861.   Captured near Warrenton, Virginia May 2, 1863.

Bicksler, Thomas J.  Enlisted at Camp Pickins October 25, 1861.  Captured at Seven Pines.  Sent to Fort Delaware.  Took Oath of Allegiance to U.S. August 10, 1862.

Boteler, William H. Wounded at Fredericksburg December 13, 1862.  Killed at 2nd Fredericksburg May 3-5, 1863.

Brown, George W.   Enlisted Orange County, Virginia April 2, 1862.  Died of fever in camp June 13, 1862.

Brown, John T.  Enlisted Orange County, Virginian April 2, 1862.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Captured at Gaines Mill, Virginian May 30, 1864.  Sent to Elmira Prison, New York.  Exchanged from Elmira March 14, 1865.

Brown, Richard A.  Enlisted Manassas July 26, 1861.  Paroled Lynchburg, Virginia April, 1865.

Brown, Richard J.  Enlisted Orange County, Virginia April 2, 1862.  Died in Richmond, Virginia June 10, 1862 fro wounds received in Battle of Seven Pines.

Cabell, Joseph Carrington.  Born 1836.

Cabell, Joseph Stuart.  Died in Richmond hospital November 11, 1863.

Cain, Thomas.  Enlisted Warrenton, Virginia June 27, 1861.  Killed at Seven Pines.

Callahan, William.  Enlisted Culpeper Court House, Virginia June 18, 1861.  Captured September 12, 1862 near Frederick, Maryland.  Exchanged from Fort Delaware November 10, 1862.  On clothing register May 9, 1863 as Sergeant.

Coppage, James R.  Enlisted March, 1862 at Culpeper Court House, Virginia.  Wounded at Sharpsburg, slightly wounded near Winchester, Virginia September 17, 1864.  Killed at Cedar Creek, Virginia.

Daniels, Henry M.  Returned to duty June 23, 1862 from Richmond hospital.

Dodd, James.  Enlisted July 8, 1861 at Warrenton, Virginia.  Killed at 1st Manassas.

Dulin, Edward L.  Wounded and captured at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia.  Killed in 1864.

Dulin, John A.  Died of fever at Camp Pickins October 26, 1861.

Edmunds, Alfred B.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Medical discharge October 20, 1862.

Edwards, James A.  Enlisted March 7, 1862 at Manassas, Virginia.  Paroled at Winchester, Virginia May17, 1865.

Elliott, James M.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Died October 31, 1862.  Buried in confederate Burial Ground, Winchester, Virginia, Number 824.

Embrey, Jesse.  Enlisted in Orange County Virginia November 15, 1863.  Wounded at Bethesda Church.  Died June 2, 1864 at Field Hospital.

Embrey, William B.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Returned to duty July 23, 1862 from Danville General Hospital.  Wounded at Sharpsburg.  Deserted October 13, 1864 near Strasburg, Virginia  Surrendered to U.S. pickets at Fairfax County Court House, Virginia  March 21, 1865.

Evans, John A.S.  Missing after Battle of Gettysburg.  Believed killed.

Fisher, Robert W.  Wounded at 1st Manassas; at Seven Pines; wounded and captured at Gettysburg.  Paroled form Point Lookout, Maryland January 15, 1865.  Admitted to Chimborazo Hospital Number 2 in Richmond, Virginia February 15, 1865.

Fletcher, Benjamin F.  Wounded at Seven Pines .  Detailed as ambulance driver August 3, 1863.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Fletcher, West.  Lost leg at Fredericksburg, Virginia 1863.

George, Alexander B.  Wounded at 1st Manassas.  Wounded and captured at Second Fredericksburg.  Died in prison.

George, Benjamin Franklin.  Detailed as courier for Brigade August, 1863.  Wounded and on furlough October, 1864.  Captured and escaped from U.S. on January 1864; and escaped again after his capture on March 17, 1865.  Paroled at Charlestown, West Virginia May 18, 1865.  A doctor after the war.

Gray, Thomas.  Medical discharge October 16, 1862.

Groves, John R.  Enlisted March 29, 1863.  Detailed as ambulance driver.  Paroled May 10, 1865 at Fairfax Court House, Virginia. 

Hanback, Thomas H.  Died June 20, 1862 from wounds received at Seven Pines.

Harding, Garah.  Enlisted July 9, 1861.  Severely wounded at 1st Manassas.  Discharged May 26, 1862.

Hart, John G.  Enlisted January 25, 1862.  Died of typhoid fever march 21, 1862 at Richmond, Virginia.

Hefflin, James R.  Wounded at Seven Pines and at Gettysburg July 4, 1863.  Paroled at Winchester, Virginia May 1, 1865.  Age 23.

Heflin, Robert.  Medical discharge January 11, 1862.

Herndon, Robert W.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Hewett, George.  Wounded at 1st Manassas and at Fredericksburg December 13, 1862.  Deserted near Strasburg, Virginia October 13, 1864.

Hewett, Richard.  Wounded at Gettysburg.  Captured Fauquier County, Virginia September 18, 1864.  Sent to Elmira, New York and released July 11, 1865.

Horner, Gustavus B.  Medical discharge October 22, 1862.  Born Fauquier County, Virginia 1834.  Died July 3, 1900.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.

Jeffries, John E.  Wounded at Gettysburg.  Paroled Fairfax Court House, Virginia May 18, 1865.

Jeffries, Smith A.  Wounded and captured at Gettysburg.  Exchanged from West Baltimore Hospital November 17, 1863.  Retired October 29, 1864 from wounds.

Kirkpatrick, James F.  Enlisted June 17, 1861.  Detailed as teamster.  Captured Loudoun County, Virginia February 15, 1865.  Released from Elmira, New York July 11, 1865.

Kirkpatrick, John W.  Enlisted June 20, 1861.  Captured at Sharpsburg.  Paroled October 4, 1862.  Age 24.

Laws, Eben T.  Wounded at Sharpsburg.  Detailed to hospital August 8, 1863.  Age 29.

Mack, J.W.  Died April 19, 1865.  Buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.

Manuel, Joseph Peyton.  Enlisted October 7, 1862.  Wounded in Wilderness.  Paroled at Appomattox.  Age 20.

Marks, George M.  Enlisted April 6, 1863.  Wounded and captured at Gettysburg.  Exchanged and paroled from Point Lookout, January 17, 1865.  Died April 19, 1865.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

Marsteller, P.H.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Marsteller, Warder W.  Enlisted February 25, 1862.  Wounded and captured at Gettysburg.  Paroled October 1864.  Deserted and took Oath March 27, 1865.

Martin, Theophilus.  Enlisted April 2, 1862.  Paroled Fairfax Court House, Virginia May 10, 1865.

Mason, James.  Joined as substitute for Henry Reed March , 1862.  Died of fever July 5, 1862.

Mason , John.  Died June 4, 1862 from wounds received at Seven Pines.

McClanahan, John H. ("Jack")  Wounded at 1st Manassas.  Died at his father's home in Fauquier County, Virginia December 21, 1861.

Murray, Daniel.

Newcomer, Daniel R.  Age 23.  Detailed to Pioneer Corps, Early's Division, Paroled at Winchester June 10, 1865.

Norris, James F.  Medical discharge December 8, 1861.

Nourse, Israel Penn.  Enlisted July 15, 1861.  Died at Rock Hill July 29, 1861 from wounds received at 1st Manassas.

Ogilvie, Thomas C.  Enlisted July 5, 1861.  Died of fever at his mother's residence March 18, 1862.

Oliver, Fleming B.  Killed at 1st Manassas.

Oliver, Peyton.  Detailed as Division teamster December 1863.  Captured near Williamsport, Maryland July 7, 1863.  Exchanged February 13, 1865 from Fort Delaware.

Oliver, Weedon.  Enlisted march 18, 1862.  Admitted to hospital at Charlottesville, Virginia November 16, 1862.

Patten, Dudley.  Killed in 1863.

Patten, Lud.  Wounded in 1863.

Payne, Lycurgus.  Enlisted June 17, 1861.  Wounded at 1st Manassas.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Peters, Joseph.  Enlisted July 23, 1861.  Died June 20, 1862 from wounds at Seven Pines.

Peters, Whitfield.  Severely wounded and disabled at 1st Manassas.

Pilcher, John.  Enlisted July 23, 1861.  Died of fever at his father's home in Fauquier County, Virginia December 27, 1861.

Porter, James M.  Killed at Seven Pines.

Ralls, William Harry.  Enlisted July 1, 1861.  Disability discharge December 28, 1863.

Riley, James.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Wounded July 3, 1863 at Gettysburg and captured July 5, 1863.  Took the Oath to U.S. February 26, 1864.

Robinson, Thomas H.  Wounded at 1st Manassas.  Captured in Battle of Winchester.  Exchanged March 15, 1865 from Point Lookout.

Roley, Marshall.  Enlisted July 22, 1861.  Killed at Sharpsburg.

Schools, James G.  Born 1827.  Died January 19, 1917.  Buried in Loudoun Park Cemetery, Confederate Hill, Baltimore.

Schools, James A.  Enlisted July 4, 1861.  Appears on hospital register July 23, 1862.

Sayers, Newton.  Enlisted March 111, 1862.  Captured near Woodstock, Virginian September 20, 1864.  Exchanged February 14, 1865 fro Point Lookout.

Sinclair, Thomas L.  Enlisted June 18, 1861.  Detailed as Ward Master, General Hospital, Danville, Virginia March, 1862.

Smallwood, John R.  Medical discharge January 23, 1863.

Smith, Aquilla.  Killed at Seven Pines.

Smith, Robert A.  Enlisted April 2, 1862.  Died of fever June 8, 1862.

Smith, Walter A.  Wounded and captured at Gettysburg.  Exchanged September 16, 1863.

Smith, William Waugh.

Stone, Richard E.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Detailed to hospital.  Killed at Bethesda Church.

Tompkins, R.T.  Died soon after he enlisted in 1864.

Toplift, George.  Medical discharge June, 1862.

Ulfelder, Jacob.  Wounded at 1st Manassas and at Fredericksburg December 13, 1862.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Vowles, Weedon F.  Was present for Company Muster Roll June, 1862.

Waller, James C.  Enlisted July 24, 1861.  Detailed in Division Commissary Department December 31, 1863.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Weaver, William T.  Wounded at 1st Manassas.  Discharged.

Weeks, Charles.  Medical discharge February 21, 1862.

Weeks, John.  Disabled by severe wounds at 1st Manassas.

Weir, Walter.  Enlisted July 17. 1861.  Acting Adjutant August, 1861.  Transferred to Army of Tennessee in 1861.

Wells, James H.  Wounded severely at 1st Manassas.

Wells, John B.  Enlisted July 17, 1861.  Wounded at 1st Manassas.  Captured at 2nd Fredericksburg.  Paroled May 10, 1863.




Muster roll records state that this Company charged and held fro a short time a part of Ricketts' Battery July 21, 1861 at Manassas, losing 212 men killed and wounded.  It left Manassas March 9, 1862;  arrived at Clark's Mountain April 6, thence via Rapidan Station to Richmond, Virginia on April 10, and to Yorktown, Virginia on April 12, 1862.





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