49th Virginia Infantry Regiment



(Formerly Company F)

The following regimental and company records and accounts from actual participants in Company A are direct from the following publication:  "History of the Forty-Ninth Virginia Infantry C.S.A ", "Extra Billy Smith's Boys" 1861-1865; Laura Virginia Hale and Stanley S. Phillips  1981

Ewell Guards:  Prince William County, Va.  Enlisted July 1, 1861 for one year.  Mustered July 12, 1861; reorganized April 30, 1862.  All enrolled in Brentsville Courthouse, Prince William County July 1, 1861.

Commissioned Officers:

Captain Jerome Bonaparte Norvell

First Lieutenant James R. Purcell

First Lieutenant Thomas S. Bell

Second Lieutenant Milton Fitzhugh - Died of disease August 19, 1861 at Fleetwood, Prince               William County

Third Lieutenant Charles E. Tyler Promoted to Second Lieutenant.  resigned and dropped from rolls on April 30, 1862.

Third Lieutenant Richard I. Reid

Second Lieutenant William W. Larkin  Enlisted as Private August 25, 1861 in Prince William county.  Appointed Third Sergeant April 18, 1862.  Elected Lieutenant April 30, 1862 then promoted to Second Lieutenant.  Received a severe shoulder wound at battle of Seven Pines.  Also Wounded at 1st Battle of  Fredericksburg.


Non-Commissioned Officers:


First Sergeant William E. Lipscomb

First Sergeant Hiram E. Harrover  Enlisted August 1, 1861 .  Appointed 5th Sergeant October 15, 1861.  Orderly Sergeant February 10, 1862.  Wounded at battle of Seven Pines and twice afterwards.  Medical discharge September 22, 1862.  Transferred to Ordnance Department in 1863.

Second Sergeant Robert C. Lipscomb  Enlisted September 1, 1861.  Killed at battle of Seven Pines.

Third Sergeant Thomas W. Tansill  Promoted to Second Sergeant 1861.  Medical discharge April 4, 1862. Possible wounded at Fredericksburg and discharged.  Re-enlisted and deserted in winter of 1864.

Fourth Sergeant James Lawrence Cole

Sergeant George W. Grayson

Quartermaster Sergeant Robert H. Hooe

Third Sergeant William Long  Wounded at Sharpsburg and near Petersburg Va.  July 20, 1864.

Fifth Sergeant William H. Lovelace

Fourth Sergeant Robert Lynn

First Sergeant Thomas B. McMurter  First Sergeant in 1863.  Wounded at 1st battle of Fredericksburg.  Captured at Gaines' Mill May 30, 1864. Released from Elmira, N.Y. June 19, 1865.

Sergeant Francis D. Williams   Appointed Corporal October 15, 1861.  Promoted to Sergeant April 18, 1862.  Medical discharge September 28, 1862.

Third Corporal William L. Ellicott

Fourth Corporal Robert P. Hutchison  Deserted near Richmond May 20, 1862.

First Corporal Charles Dunning Wheat

Corporal Thomas E. Wilkins  Severely wounded and captured at battle of Cedar Creek October, 1864.  Died from amputation of leg at U.S. field hospital in Winchester, Va. October 28, 1864.  buried in Stonewall Cemetery in Winchester, Va.

Corporal William Thomas Able  Promoted to Corporal November, 1863.  Killed accidentally.

Fourth Corporal William A. Renoe  Appointed fourth Corporal April 18, 1862.  Died in field hospital at Lavina Grove's farm from wounds received at battle of Sharpsburg.  Buried in N.E. corner of Mrs. Lucher's house-field.




Able, Robert A.  Detailed as carpenter at Manassas December 1861 and as courier for Col. Anderson, Commandant of the Post at Manassas January 1862.  Absent on detached service as courier for 72 days.  No further records.  Possible also appears in Company B roster as Abel.

Able, Alexander

Able, John

Able., Peyton R. Wounded and captured at Bethesda Church.  left leg amputated May 31 1864.  Died July 1, 1864 at Stanton U.s. General Hospital in Washington, DC.

Abel, William James  Admitted to C.S.A. General Hospital in Charlottesville, Va. with pneumonia April, 1862.  No further records available.

Alexander, George  Died in prison at Point Lookout, Maryland  July 7, 1864.

Beach, Newman  Captured in Warren county, Va. October 31, 1864.  Died in Elmira Prison, N.Y. March 9, 1865  Grave No.2027

Beavers, Abner

Beavers, Albert E.  Enlisted prince William county July 12, 1861.  Killed at battle of Seven Pines.

Beavers, James Morgan  Enlisted July 12, 1861 in Prince William county.  Wounded at 2nd Battle of Manassas and at 1st Fredericksburg.  Paroled at Fairfax court House May 10, 1865.

Beavers, John T.  Enlisted Brentsville Courthouse in Prince William County October 15, 1863.

Boley, James R.  Enlisted Prince William county July 15, 1861.  Took Oath to U.S. at Alexandria, Va. October 27, 1864.

Boley, Simon P.  Enlisted Prince William county July 19, 1861.  Took Oath to U.S. at Alexandria, Va. October 27, 1864.

Boley, William  Died of disease.

Carney, J. Richard  Killed at Wilderness or possibly killed in 1864 Valley campaign.

Carney, William

Carter, Charles

Carter, Walter F.  Enlisted New Market, Va. October 21, 1864.  Admitted to General Hospital Petersburg, Va. February 15, 1965.  Paroled by Provost Marshal, Ashland, Va. May 2 1865.

Cheshire, Elihu  Deserted May 20 1862 near Hanover Court House, Va. Captured by 79th New York.  Prisoner at Fort Delaware.

Colbert, Albert  Killed at battle of Seven Pines.

Colbert, Edward

Colbert, George  Sick at home January 1862.  No further records.

Cooper, James  Enlisted in Prince William County July 16, 1861.  Medical discharge November 1, 1861.

Cooper, Robert A.

Cornwell, Ed.

Cornwell, George,

Cornwell, James,

Cornwell, John

Cornwell, Zebedee  Captured near Centerville, Va.  November 19, 1862.

Dalton, William H.  Enlisted Prince William County July 12, 1861.  Henry S. Simmons became substitute for William Dalton September 1861.

Davis, Charles S.  Captured in Battle of Bethesda Church.  Exchanged from Point Lookout, Maryland October 29, 1864.  Captured Prince William county January 19, 1865.  Paroled from Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, June 15, 1865.

Davis, Shelton Dandridge  Enlisted July 16, 1861.  Died of disease at C.S.A. General Hospital in Danville, Va. July 18, 1862.

Davis, Edward Randolph  Died of disease August 29, 1861 Prince William County.

Davis, James,

Edwards, Thomas

Edwards, William A.  Enlisted June 16, 1861.  Detailed in hospital June , 1862. Wounded at Gettysburg 1863.  Appears on clothing receipt roll December 19, 1864.

Ewing, Samuel  Deserted April 21, 1863.

Fair, James

Fair, Samuel

Florence, William H.  Wounded in battle of Sharpsburg.

Gaines, John M.B. (Bud)  Wounded at Gettysburg.  Died of gun shot wound in knee joint July 17, 1863, General Hospital No. 1 in Richmond, Va.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.

Godfrey, Chapman  Enlisted July 11, 1861.  Name appears on clothing receipt roll November 5, 1864.

Godfrey, Joseph  Lost an arm.

Godfrey, Lewis  Corporal in 1863.  Died June 19, 1864 at General Hospital Liberty, Va.

Godfrey, William  Wounded at Manassas August 29, 1862 and at 2nd Cold Harbor.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Goodwin, John H.  Enlisted July 13, 1861.  Wounded at 1st Fredericksburg.  Captured at Aquia Creek May 20, 1864.  Paroled from Elmira N.Y. May 13, 1865.

Goodwin, Marshall  Died at his home from disease December 8, 1862.  Reported also as killed at battle of Seven Pines.

Gossom, John C.  Captured Prince William County January 16, 1864.  Paroled from Fort Delaware, June 20, 1865.

Greenwald, Samuel  Enlisted July 15,1861.  On special duty with Medical Department at Manassas, Va.

Hanly (no first name)  Wounded

Hanly, Edward

Hawley, Richard T. Enlisted July 14, 1861.  Killed in action at battle of Seven Pines.

Harding, Charles W.  Captured at Dumfries, Va. December 21, 1864 as a guerilla.  Sent to Fort Warren. Paroled June 16, 1865.

Harley, Noah  Enlisted October 1, 1861.  Wounded at battle of Seven Pines.  Captured in assault on Fort Stedman near Petersburg, Va.  Paroled from Point Lookout June 27, 1865.

Heintz, Martin  Deserted, took Oath of Allegiance April 29, 1863. Age 28, from Wilmington, N>C.

Hixon, Grundy  Killed

Hixon, William J.  Enlisted July 15, 1861.  Absent, sick at home January 1862. Deserted.

Hooe, Blucher W.

Hooe, Peter H.  Enlisted July 12, 1861.  Medical discharge December 30, 1862.

Hooe, Robert H.

Jewell, James M.  Enlisted July 16, 1861  Killed at battle of Seven Pines.

Joseph (Colored)  chief camp cook from December 15, 1863 to Appomattox.  From Orange County.

Keys, Andrew J. (Jack)  Detailed to hospital May 1862.  Killed at the Wilderness.

Kincheloe, William A.  Killed at Fredericksburg December 13, 1862 and buried in the Confederate Cemetery section of the Spotsylvania Court House cemetery.

Larkin, L.A.  Enlisted February 16, 1864.  Orange County.  Detailed February 18, 1865 as a Clerk at the S.S. Nitre Works in Lynchburg, Va. Age 32.

Larkin, Rosieur D.  Enlisted August 28, 1863 in Orange County.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Lear, Alpheus L.  Enlisted February 25, 1863.  Caroline County, Va.   Paroled at Appomattox.

Lee, Albert Brawner  Enlisted July 16, 1861.  Medical discharge at Camp Pickens November 15, 1861.

Lee, Richard M.  Died of typhoid fever at Richmond hospital June 4 1862.

Love, Charles Henry

Love Llewellyn H.  Captured at Sharpsburg.  Exchanged October 12, 1862.  Wounded near Petersburg.  Captured at Richmond hospital April 3, 1865.  Escaped from hospital May 4, 1865.

Lovelace, James Ottaway  Enlisted March 14, 1862.  Captured at Seven Pines.  Exchanged June 14, 1862.  Wounded at Bethesda Church.

Lynn, Duke  Wounded at Seven Pines

Lynn, Thaddeus  Enlisted march 15, 1862.   Wounded 2nd Fredericksburg and again at Bethesda Church.  Paroled at Edwards Ferry, Md. May 9, 1865.

Lynn, William  Wounded

McMurter, T.S. Killed May 18, 1864.

McRee, J.B.  Died June 7, 1863.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.

Merchant, Abner H.  Died June 5, 1862 from wounds received at Seven Pines.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va.

Mountjoy, Lewis  Wounded at 2nd Fredericksburg.  Captured at his home in Prince William County June 20, 1863.   Exchanged from Point Lookout December 25, 1863.  Wounded and captured near Mechanicsville, Va. May 30, 1864.  Died of gun shot wound in Stanton General Hospital, Washington DC June 9, 1864/  Grave 22, Range 4, Block 1, Section A.

Murphy, J.

Murphy, William  Killed May 18, 1864.

Norvell, Clinton P.  Died Sept 11, 1862 from disease.

Oakes, Henry  Medical discharge January 11, 1865.

Otey, Charles W.  Enlisted March 16, 1863.  Detailed as Clerk for Division August 12, 1863.

Pearson, Charles  Medical discharge July 18, 1862.

Pettit, George  William

Pettitt, Israel J.

Petty, John T.  Wounded and captured at Gettysburg.  Sent to De-Camp General Hospital, Davis Island, N.Y. Harbor.  Exchanged and furloughed.

Priest, John C.  Died in hospital May, 1863.

Reid, Redman  Killed at Sharpsburg.

Renoe, Alexander  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Captured at Sharpsburg.  Paroled October 4, 1862.  Name appears on detail as Guard August 12, 1863.

Renoe, John F.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Medical discharge April 23, 1863.

Renoe, Joseph  Enlisted march 14, 1862.  Appears on Company Muster Roll December 1863.

Renoe, Robert A.  wounded at Seen Pines.  Paroled at Appomattox  borne Prince William County, Va. 1836.  Died September 19, 1912.  Buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond Va.

Robinson, John F.  Enlisted July 15, 1861.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Pickens January 17, 1862.  Raney, William H.  Died of Pneumonia January 20, 1862.

Simmons, Henry P.  Appears as substitute for William H. Dalton 1862.  Deserted November 18, 1862.

Simonds, J.

Sisson, William H.  Died June 8, 1862 from wounds received at Seven Pines.

Smith, Leonidas  Enlisted April 1, 1862. Transferred to Company E 25th Battalion Virginia Infantry September 14, 1863.

Stonnell, William D.  Medical Discharge due to wounds received at Sharpsburg.

Sullivan, James R.

Sullivan John

Sullivan,  William H.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Died from fractured right thigh June 12, 1862 (Most likely from amputation of right leg). 

Taylor, Edward C.  Enlisted July 12, 1861.  Wounded in Knee at Seven Pines.  Medical discharge April 10, 1863.

Thornberry, John T.  Enlisted July 16, 1861.  Medical discharge march 1, 1862.

Walton, William H.  Enlisted July 12, 1861. Not listed after August 1861.

Weeks, Lawrence A.  Wounded at Seven Pines.  Paroled at Appomattox.

Weir, Robert Carter  Enlisted February 6, 1863.  Detailed to Division Commissary Department.  Paroled June 17, 1865 at Alexandria, Va.  Married Mary Mildred Thornton.

Welch, Burwell  Died of typhoid fever August 10, 1862.

Weston, Joseph P.  Medical discharge June 6, 1862.

Wilkins, Thomas  Killed February 6, 1865.

Williams, Frank  Transferred to Cavalry.

Wright, George  Wounded at Cold Harbor.

Wright Gustavus B.  Corporal.  Enlisted July 14, 1861.  Wounded at Seven Pines.

Wright, Richard  Enlisted July 14, 1861.  Killed at Seven Pines.




Following R.D. Funkhouser's roll of Company A (consulted in compiling this roster), he adds a note:  "The foregoing list was taken from the Manassas Journal of October 20, 1905, and is no doubt correct, but their casualty list is by no means complete.  I suppose it was for the lack of a complete roll kept in war times.  The was a first class Company.  The Captain and 1st Lieutenant were fine drill officers, having had military training before the War, but all their officers were splendid soldiers, as I know whereof I speak."


Writing from camp near Somerville Ford December 31, 1863, Captain Purcell records that Company A organized, elected officers, and went into Barracks at Brentsville, Prince William County, Virginia.  July1, 1861; was mustered into service July 12, and marched under orders 6 miles to Manassas by July 19.


"On the night of May 3, 1862, the Company marched from Yorktown Virginia to Williamsburg, Virginia thence toward the Chickahomoney; was ordered back beyond Williamsburg to the battle field, where it remained in line of battle until the morning of May 6,, when it resumed its march.  Engaged the enemy May 31, 1862, at Seven Pines.  Company losses:  8 killed, 17 wounded, 1 missing.


"Engaged the enemy June 25, 1862, without loss.  June 29th company was detached to scout duty and routed a body of cavalry, killing and wounding others.  June 30 crossed White Oak Swamp under fire, skirmished all evening while supporting a battery under terrific artillery fire, losing 7 men wounded.  All this with the 49th Regiment, Featherstone's Brigade."  The Company "was engaged since January, 1863.  Fredericksburg May, 1863, Winchester, Gettysburg;  under fire at Bristoe Station, Rappahannock Bridge, Mine Run and Somerville;  on all marched from Port Royal, Virginia, to York, Pennsylvania, to our present position ." (Somerville Ford)


Mrs. Johnson appends to her roster of Company A  a brief history as follows:


"This Company was named in honor of General Richard Stoddard Ewell, was organized at Brentsville by the election of Jerome B. Norvell Captain, James R. Purcell 1st Lieutenant, Milton Fitzhugh 2nd Lieutenant, Charles E. Tyler 3rd Lieutenant and William E. Lipscomb, Orderly Sergeant.  The Company marched to Manassas about July 19, 1861, but was not assigned to the 49th Regiment until after the first battle of Manassas.  While at Manassas, Lieutenant Milton Fitzhugh died and William E. Lipscomb was elected 3rd Lieutenant, but resigned upon being elected Clerk of the Circuit court of Prince William County.  Richard I. Reid was elected 3rd Lieutenant in his stead and Hiram E. Narrover appointed Orderly Sergeant.  At the reorganization at Yorktown, Jerome B. Norvell was elected Captain, James Purcell 1st Lieutenant, R.I. Reid 2nd Lieutenant, and W.W. Larkin 3rd Lieutenant and became Company A, 49th Virginia Infantry.


"The Company participated in the battle of Williamsburg and at Seven Pines, lost about half their number in killed and wounded.  The next battle of the 49th was at Frazer's Farm, then Malvern Hill, 2nd Manassas, capture of Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, and Fredericksburg in 1862."


"After the battle of Malvern Hill, the 49th was assigned to Early's Brigade and served with him against Sedgewick in 1863, being a part of Ewell's Division, Jackson's Corps, and remained in that Division until the War ended.  At the close of the battle of Spotsylvania Court House in May, 1864, Lieutenant Purcell, commanding Company A (as Captain Norvell was acting Major of the Regiment) was ordered to report with his company to General Ewell, and  the following conversation ensued."


"General Ewell, this is Company A, 49th Virginia Infantry ordered to report to you :  "The General replied, "My brave men, I thank you in the name of my Corps, and your children's children will live to thank you for your work this day". 


"This was a very high and deserved compliment.  company A lost heavily at 2nd Cold Harbor in 1864, was with Early in his Valley Campaign, driving Hunter out, capturing Winchester, and marching through Maryland up to the defenses of Washington.  It participated in several engagements near Winchester, including the battle of September 19, 1864, Fishers' Hill and Cedar Creek..


"We are unable to give the number of killed and wounded in Company A in the many battles but the percentage of loss was exceedingly heavy.  After the campaign in the Valley, the 49th moved below Petersburg and participated in the fighting until the surrender of Appomattox."



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